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Facts You Should Know About Fluoride


Dental health is something many people do not take seriously. However, in order to establish good health in your entire body, you cannot afford to neglect certain areas. La costa dental health is something you need to pay close attention to especially as you age. This is because as one grows older, you tend to become more susceptible to various gum problems including periodontal disease, gingivitis and a variety of other issues; this is where fluoride comes into play.


Fluoride comes from sodium fluoride, a mineral that is found on the Earth. Its benefits were discovered back in the early 1930s, and studies done reviled that when people took water that contained fluoride instances of gum issues and tooth cavities went down. This is something that led to the World Health Organization and even the American Medical Association endorsing its use. Here are some facts you might like to know about this mineral.


Various Forms of Fluoride Therapy

Fluoride therapy happens in various ways. You may not have known this but many of the toothpaste brands you use are likely to have a 0.22% fluoride content. This helps to prevent cavities. Fluoride can also be found in various forms and other products such as gels, mouthwash and even vanish.


Safety of Using Fluoride

As you may have guessed, people from different parts of the world have had a genuine concern as to whether water fluoridation is safe, and even further questioned the use of fluoride in other things that they use daily such as milk and even toothpaste. While fluoride is safe when used in the right amounts, there are instances where it can be harmful. Excess use of the fluoride can cause fluorosis, whereby the enamel becomes weak and other problems such as increased bone weakness and can become inevitable.


Beneficial to All the Age Groups

If you are concerned about whether fluoride is good for everyone, the answer is yes. It helps in many ways some of them including the following: Helps in development of secondary teeth, decreases chances of la costa dental curries if used in the right proportions, lowers the amount of acid produced by bacteria on the teeth and much more.


Not Just the Teeth are affected by Fluoride

As mentioned earlier, too much fluoride can be detrimental to the body; it can bring about problems such as brain damage, thyroid disease, low IQ, diabetes, and even muscle disorders.


Fluoride is the only medicine that is added to public water. It is also important to take note that supplements for fluoride cannot be bought over the counter as it is with other supplements.